System Components

FL-Series, High Pressure Filters
  • Enerpac workholding inline high pressure filters to keep your hydraulic system clean
  • Plated stainless steel wire mesh screen
  • Rated for full system pressure up to 350 bar
  • Filtration of hydraulic oil in advance and retract oil flow direction
  • Two piece body construction for easy replacement of filter elements
  • High flow rates are obtainable with a minimum pressure drop
  • Threaded port connections on each end simplify installation

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CR, CRV-Series, Rotary Couplers
  • Enerpac rotary couplers provide a permanent hydraulic connection on indexing and rotating work stations
  • High rotation per minute
  • Low starting torque
  • Internal oil bearings for increased lifetime
  • Single, 2 or 4 passage coupler type

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MCA, MPA, WCA-Series, Auto-Coupler Systems
  • Enerpac auto-coupler systems are available in two (62 and 82 model) or four port (64 model) connection
  • For automated coupling of hydraulic circuits on palletized systems
  • Sensing feedback of coupler position allows for fully automated applications
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting for flexible installation on machine tools
  • Adjustment stroke allows clearance for pallet indexing
  • Coupler elements supplied with air blow-off nozzles to prevent damage from contamination
  • Two base station auto-coupler models: MCA-62 for low pallets clearance; WCA-82 for additional pallet clearance.

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AC-Series, Accumulators
  • Enerpac workholding Accumulators maintain circuit pressure
  • Ideal for high frequency and rapid discharge applications
  • ACL series are pre-charged to 100 bar
  • Corrosion resistant bodies on ACL series
  • Spring actuated accumulator for ACM-1
  • High energy storage capacity in a compact package

Accumulator coupler packages

  • compact design for easy use of accumulators
  • Single design accommodates both single-acting or double-acting circuit
  • Relief valve, ball check shut-off, glycerin-filled gauge included
  • Supplied standard with one male coupler (AH-652)
  • Optional manifold mounting. O-ring seals located on bottom of block only for single-acting circuit

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G-Series, Pressure Gauges
  • Enerpac workholding pressure gauges are highly reliable
  • Accurate pressure sensing, ± 1,5 % accuracy of full scale
  • All pressure sensing parts sealed and dampened by glycerine for long life
  • Includes safety blow-out disk and pressure equalizing membrane to prevent overpressurization
  • Copper alloy, coiled safety Bourdon tube for 70 bar and higher
  • Dual psi and bar scale readings

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A-Series, Manifolds
  • Enerpac workholding hydraulic manifolds are designed for multiple hydraulic line connections at one central location
  • Directing hydraulic oil to or from a pressure source

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A, C-Series, Hydraulic Couplers

Enerpac workholding hydraulic couplers

C-series, high flow couplers

  • High pressure couplers recommended for use on all Enerpac pumps and cylinders

A-series, quick connect couplers

  • Low leakage couplers for easy connection of hydraulic circuits

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H700-Series, High Pressure Hoses
  • Enerpac high pressure hoses have a maximum workholding pressure of 700 bar
  • Thermo-Plastic Safety Hoses
  • For demanding applications, featuring a 4:1 design factor
  • Four layer design, including two high strength steel wire braids
  • Outside jacket is polyurethane to provide maxium abrasion resistance
  • Low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency
  • Crimped-on rubber strain relief for improved life and durability on all models

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GA, GS, NV, V-Series, Gauge Accessories

Enerpac workholding gauge accessories: 

GA-Series Gauge Adaptor

  • For easy mounting of a gauge onto your hydraulic system

GA-918 Swivel Adaptor

  • Simplifies gauge installation
  • Provides swivel connection for easy scale reading

V-91 and NV-251 Needle Valves

  • V-91 Snubber valve: provide positive shut-off
  • NV-251: 303 Stainless steel stem, 16 threads/inch

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BFZ, FZ-Series, High Pressure Fittings
  • Enerpac workholding high pressure fittings provide a proper connection for hydraulic components
  • Male and female BSPP, UNF, NPT threaded fittings in common sizes allow easy connection of all components
  • BFZ and FZ-1000 pressure fitting models are 700 bar maximum pressure
  • FZ-2000 pressure fitting models are 350 bar maximum pressure

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DGR-Series, Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Enerpac workholding digital pressure gauge has two modes:
        Automatic shut off (15 min)
        Continuous gauge display
  • Zero reset - ensures that gauge reads actual system pressure
  • Display in psi, bar, MPa, mbar, hPa and kPa
  • 3 volt battery, 1400 hours operation
  • IP 65 protection

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