Workholding Valves

MV-Series, Pilot operated check valves
  • Enerpac pilot operated check valves hold cylinder load and ensure remote unlocking
  • Fast check-off repsonse
  • Hardened seats ensure long life and positive pressure holding
  • Built-in accumulator to maintain system pressure
  • Mounting holes
  • Manifold mount body MVM-72

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MVP, V-Series, Sequence valves
  • Enerpac  workholding sequence valves provide direct accurate pressure setting
  • Pressure dependent sequence control

MVPM-5 Sequence Valves

  • Pressure setting between 35 - 350 bar for secondary circuit is secured with lock nut
  • Manifold mounting ports

V-2000 Sequence Valves

  • Pressure setting between 14 - 140 bar for secondary circuit
  • Flag indicator appears everytime the valve is operated

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MH, HV, PLV & V-Series, Accessory valves
  • Enerpac accessory valves regulate oil flow or system pressure
  • All accessory valves feature NPT or SAE porting to insure against leakage at rated pressure
  • Can easily be installed in any system
  • All valves are painted, coated or plated for corrosion resistance

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VFC-Series, Flow control valves
  • Enerpac flow control valves provide repeatable oil flow control
  • Internal check valve allows metering flow in one direction and free flow in opposite direction
  • Color coded flow indicator
  • Fine metering capability
  • Lockable
  • Standard Viton seals

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VP-Series, Modular directional valves
  • Solenoid directional valves
  • Dual poppet valve design for zero internal leakage
  • Inlet check-valve standard
  • High cycle switching
  • Stackable to 8 valve stations high using TRK-series tie rod kits
  • Oil flow capacity 7 l/min @ 350 bar
  • G1/4” oil connections and integrated filtration

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WM, PB-Series, Remote/Porting manifolds

Enerpac remote / porting manifolds simplify valve and accessory mounting with VP-series valves and options

Remote manifold WM-10

  • Allows remote VP-series valve mounting
  • Adjustable relief valve incorporated
  • G1/4” oil connection

Porting manifold PB-1

  • Provide 3 auxiliary pressure lines
  • G1/4” oil connection

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PRV-Series, Pressure reducing valves
  • Enerpac workholding pressure reducing valves provide precise control of hydraulic pressure
  • Stackbuilding with VP series modular valves using TRK-series Tie Rod Kits
  • Stackable for multiple pressures on one valve stack assembly
  • Maintains a constant pressure in secondary circuit
  • Includes check valve that prevent pressure drop on secondary side
  • Tool adjustable knob can be locked

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TRK-Series, Tie Rod Kits
  • Enerpac tie rod kits simplifies valve and accessory mounting
  • Connects 1 to 8 stackable VP-series valves
  • Provide leak-free sealing between VP-Serie valves

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PSCK, VFC-Series, Pressure switches, Flow control valve
  • Enerpac workholding flow control valves and pressure switches provide control over your hydraulic system
  • Mounts directly into VP-series modular valves
  • In-line installation, manifold mounted for remote use

Pressure switches PSCK-8, -9

  • Adjustable, will open or close electrical contacts when desired preset pressure is reached
  • Lockable adjustment screw

Flow control valve VFC-3

  • Screw-in throttle valve
  • Controls the amount of oil flow to hydraulic cylinder, controlling cylinder speed

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V, RFL, QE-Series, Air valves and accessories
  • Enerpac workholding air valves and accessories control and regulate air supply
  • Accessory valves provide greater safety and more efficient clamping cycles
  • Recommended for use with all air powered units
  • Directional valves to control booster and pump air supply
  • Remote air valve permits either hand or foot operation

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