Power Sources - hydraulic power units

PA-Series, Air Hydraulic Power Pumps
  • Enerpac portable air hydraulic power pumps
  • Patented air saver design – minimal air usage for lower cost operation
  • Quiet internal muffler 80 dBa
  • 360 degree swivel oil and air fittings
  • External adjustable relief valve
  • Built-in 3-way, 2-position valve provides advance-retract cycle for single-acting cylinders.

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ZW5-Series, Electric Driven Workholding Pumps
  • Enerpac electric driven workholding pumps can be customized to your needs
  • Various models including electric controls and isolating valves
  • Stackable to 8 VP-series valve stations high
  • Adjustable relief valve
  • Glycerine dampened pressure gauge G-2517L on pumps with VP-series valves
  • 230/400 Volt - 50Hz - 1,1 kW motor, IP54 class protection
  • Single stage pump; oil flow 1,64 l/min at 350 bar
  • Pressure range 100 -350 bar
  • 50 % continous operation at 350 bar

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B, RA-Series, Activator Wand & Booster
  • Enerpac activator wand and booster features a no-leak palletised system, eliminates oil loss at connection poiny
  • Contamination resistant closed hydraulic system
  • Mechanical energy transfer system uses external cylinder to operate receiver booster
  • Activator wand has a 2 to 1 ratio of input versus output pressure
  • Booster can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical position.

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PA-Series, Turbo II Air-Hydraulic Pumps
  • Enerpac hydraulic air pumps feature an on-demand stall-restart operation maintains system pressure, providing clamp security
  • Quick and powerful hydraulic supply in an economical air-powered pump
  • External adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Internal pressure relief valve provides overload protection
  • Reduced noise level to 75 dBA reduces operator fatique
  • Operating air pressure: 1,7-8,6 bar – enables pump to start at low air pressure
  • Reinforced heavy-duty lightweight reservoir for applications in tough environments
  • 5 valve mounting options provide flexibility in setup and operation
  • Composite air piston seal allows operation on completely dry air supply

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AHB, B-Series, Air Hydraulic Boosters

Enerpac air hydraulic booster for high production applications

  • High speed operation
  • Extended service life
  • Constant hydraulic output
  • Large oil delivery per stroke allows quick filling of cylinders for clamping or punching

AHB series Air Hydraulic Boosters

  • Fiberglass wound air chamber eliminates possibility of rust due to moisture in air system
  • Designed for fully automated production applications
  • Double-acting, high speed operation of air piston

B series Air Hydraulic Boosters

  • One-shot spring return
  • Aluminium construction
  • Built-in stroke sensor for automatic cycle operation
    30 VDC switch closes 25 mm before end of full air piston stroke
  • Internal self-bleeding
    Automatically purges air from system when booster piston is at highest point in circuit

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PID-Series, Oil/Oil Intensifiers
  • Enerpac oil intensifiers have a wide range of intensification ratios allows for adapting to various operating pressure requirements
  • High flow units intensify low inlet oil pressure to high outlet pressure
  • Internal bypass valving enables high output flow rates
  • Includes dump valve, eliminates the need for an external pilot check valve
  • Compact and self-contained design allows for ease of installation
  • Select fit of all internal components provides long operating life

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ZE-Series, Hydraulic Electric Pumps
  • Enerpac high pressure electric pumps feature high-efficiency pump design – higher oil flow and by-pass pressure
  • High-strength, moulded electrical box protects electronics, power supplies and LCD readout and stands up to harsh industrial environments
  • IP54 protection and isolation class
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled industrial electric motors for extended life
  • User adjustable relief valve built-in on manual and solenoid valves. Oil ports on valves are 3/8" NPTF
  • Steel fan guard on all electric motors
  • Full sight oil level glass
  • 40 micron filter breather with splash guard
  • Durable steel reservoirs.
  • Back-lit LCD provides self test, diagnostic and read-out capabilities never before offered on an industrial pump (included on pump with electric valves, optional on other electric pump models)

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ZW-Series, Z-Class electric workholding pumps

Enerpac Z-Class high efficiency single-stage electric workholding pumps

Pallet de-coupling pumps

  • Provides momentary pressure and flow to fixture
  • Ideal for pallet disconnect systems

Continuous connection pumps

  • Provides solenoid control of one single- or double-acting circuit
  • Includes pilot operated check valve ensuring pressure is maintained in circuit

Single station DO3 pumps

  • Industry standard mounting for manual or electric valves
  • Options: backlit LCD, heat exchanger, pressure transducer, level & temperature switches and roll bars

SAE Ported for Remote Valves

  • 10mm tube elbows supplied in manifold
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