XLP, VLP-Series, Hydraulic Bench and Shop Presses

All bench and shop presses equipped with long life Golden Ring Design cylinder

XLP-Series hydraulic press

  • Multi-functional presses in kit form (50 and 75 ton presses)
  • Easy grip forklift access on 50 and 75 ton presses
  • Height adjustment of upper or lower bed with winch (50 & 75 ton)
  • Width adjustment allows cylinder to move from side-to-side
  • Pump options include XA-Series air-operated foot pump
    – pressure gauge integrated in pump for optimal control
    – suitable for delicate pressing jobs from variable oil flow.

VLP-Series hydraulic press

  • Unique “Hydrajust” bed positioning device on 100 and 200 ton VLP-presses allows adjustment of the lower bed.

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BPR-Series, Roll-Frame Presses
  • Hydraulic Roll-Frame Press design features a stationary bed with the ability to support heavy loads.
  • Quality welded frame for maximum strength and long life
  • Frame rolls easily on 4 steel roller bearings
  • Exclusive ‘Hydra-Lift’ bolster for effortless adjustment of the vertical daylight
  • Roller head design is standard to allow lateral movement and locking of the cylinder up to 300 mm left or right of centre
  • All models in the quick selection chart have been matched to an electric pump, double-acting cylinder, hose and gauge, offering the complete package

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A-Series, C-Clamp and Arbor Presses

C-Clamp Press

  • 5, 10 and 20 ton capacity
  • Operational in all positions.

Arbor Press

  • 10 and 30 ton capacity
  • Foot mounting holes for horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Machined working surfaces for easier fixturing
  • Slotted back to simplify loading and unloading of longer parts.

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TM, LH-Series, Press Tension Meter and Load Cells

Tension Meter TM-5

  • Accuracy, ± 2% of full scale
  • Zinc and bronze plated to resist corrosion
  • Dual-range readout in kilograms and pounds
  • Maximum indicating pointer reading for pre-selected forces or to maintain force readings
  • Cushioned metal case provides safe storage and transport.

Load Cells LH-series

  • Accuracy of ± 2% of full scale
  • Swivel loading pad reduces eccentric loading for improved accuracy
  • Maximum indicating pointer reading pre-selected forces or to maintain maximum force readings
  • Dual-range readout in kilograms and pounds

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