Speciality Tools and Integrated Solutions

TM, LH-Series, Press Tension Meter and Load Cells

Tension Meter TM-5

  • Accuracy, ± 2% of full scale
  • Zinc and bronze plated to resist corrosion
  • Dual-range readout in kilograms and pounds
  • Maximum indicating pointer reading for pre-selected forces or to maintain force readings
  • Cushioned metal case provides safe storage and transport.

Load Cells LH-series

  • Accuracy of ± 2% of full scale
  • Swivel loading pad reduces eccentric loading for improved accuracy
  • Maximum indicating pointer reading pre-selected forces or to maintain maximum force readings
  • Dual-range readout in kilograms and pounds

WMC-Series, Self-Contained Hydraulic Cutters

  • Rotating heads for operator convenience
  • Guillotine action for easy operation
  • Carrying bag included for easy carrying and tool protection
  • Velcro straps to secure handles on larger models for easy carry
  • Spring return for easy operation
  • Light weight self-contained tool, can be used anywhere.

STB-Series, Pipe Bender Sets

  • Makes smooth, wrinkle-free bends
  • Sets include genuine Enerpac cylinder, hose and manual, air or electric pump
  • Sets are also available without hydraulics
  • Bending shoes and bending frame are lightweight, heat-treated aluminium
  • All sets include sturdy steel storage case
  • All sets include BZ-12091 angle indicator for accurate bending
  • BZ-12377 Shoe Lock Pin included in every set
  • Eject-O-Matic™ benders (STB-202 models) have double-acting cylinder to eject pipe from the bending shoe

SL, SBL, MBL-Series, Hydraulic Gantries

Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit and permanent overhead structures for job cranes are not an option. When used with rail systems, hydraulic gantries also provide a means for moving and placing heavy loads. Hydraulic gantries are a cost effective solution for many lifting and rigging applications.

Enerpac offers three series of hydraulic gantry systems:

  • Super Lift (SL) series: cost effective models that offers control and stability
  • Super Boom Lift (SBL) series: heavy duty hydraulic boom gantry models that go up to 1000 tonne capacity
  • Mega Boom Lift (MBL) series: hydraulic boom gantry models which deliver the stability to utilize a 2 leg configuration and can achieve lifting heights over 12000 mm

Enerpac hydraulic gantries have a number of unique features to ensure optimum stability and safety:

  • Self-contained hydraulics and electronics
  • Intelli-Lift wireless control system
  • Self-propelled wheels or tank rollers
  • Foldable boom on SBL900, SBL1100, MBL500 and MBL600
  • Full range of supplementary equipment: header beams, lifting lugs, side shift, skid tracks
  • All gantries are ASME B30.1 compliant

HSL-Series, Strand Jacks

The strand jack lifting technique originates from the concrete post tensioning principle. A strand jack can be considered a linear winch. In a strand jack, a bundle of steel cables or strands are guided through a hydraulic cylinder; above and below the cylinder are anchor systems with wedges that grip the strand bundle. By stroking the cylinder in and out while the grips are engaged in the anchors, a lifting or lowering movement is achieved.

The motion of the cylinders is driven by hydraulic power packs. They can be electric or diesel powered. Our sophisticated SCC software program synchronizes the motion of the strand jacks and adjusts the motion to the loads per lifting point.

  • Full control of lifting and lowering through SCC control
  • Two sizes strand diameter: 15,7 and 18 mm
  • Complete line of electric and diesel power packs
  • Nickel plated telescopic pipes preventing bird caging
  • Standard supplied with lifting anchor
  • Automated locking - unlocking operation
  • Special corrosion treated high endurance multi-use wedges
  • Full range of accessories: strand dispenser, strand guide, re-coiler and strand tensioner

HSK,HSKLH Skidding Systems

Skidding techniques have been used for centuries. Enerpac has applied high-pressure hydraulics to create the Enerpac HSK Skidding Systems. The HSK skidding system is comprised of a series of skid-shoes powered by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, travelling over a pre-constructed track. A series of special PTFE coated blocks are placed on the skid-tracks to reduce friction. The skid shoes are connected by hoses to a hydraulic diesel driven power pack.

Enerpac Skidding Systems are available in two versions:

  • HSK1250 with a capacity of 1250 kN per skid unit
  • HSK2500 with a capacity of 2500 kN per skid unit

Both skidding systems are available in 2 varieties: using a “skid shoe jack” or a “skid shoe beam”. The skid shoe jack includes an integrated lifting cylinder. A skid shoe beam is designed for skidding purposes only.

To calculate the minimum required capacity per shoe, the entire load has to be able to rest safely on 2 of the 4 shoes. To skid a load of 500 tonnes, the required skidding system is HSK2500.

SPMT Self-Propelled Modular Trailer

The Enerpac Self-Propelled Modular Transporter features a minimised height and slim design, which make it very easy to operate in confined spaces. Each wheel unit has a steering as well as a lifting cylinder at its disposal. Wheel propulsion is established by hydraulic propulsion.

The modular unit is controlled by Intellidrive, a wireless control system that allows the entire system to be operated by one person.

The power pack is a so-called hydraulic power unit that operates the complete structure. Installed inside the power pack is a diesel driven engine that empowers a massive hydraulic pump unit. The diesel engine complies with EPA Interim TIER 4 emission regulations. Each power pack is able to supply pressure for maximum 3 modular units simultaneously. When the system is being extended, more power packs can be applied to the configuration.

One of the unique features of the system is that it is able to be containerized. Two units and a power pack can be shipped inside just one 20 foot container.

EVO Synchronous Lifting Systems


  • Managing lifting operations from a central control system improves safety and operational productivity
  • Lifting system to control 4, 8 or 12 lifting points (12 points for Standard EVO only)
  • Intuitive user interface provides easy set-up and control with multiple lifting options
  • Accuracy of up to 1 mm between leading and lagging cylinders
  • For use with standard single- or double-acting cylinders
  • Built in warning and stop alarms for optimum safety
  • Available with several flow options for optimal lifting speed


  • Enerpac offers two series of Synchronous Lift Systems:
  • Standard Synchronous Lift Systems (EVO): a comprehensive system for numerous applications
  • Basic Synchronous Lift Systems (EVOB): an economical solution for basic applications
  • Custom systems tailored to unique project requirements are also available.

BLS Stage Lifting Systems

SHS SyncHoist-Synchronous Hoisting Systems

M,B Uni-Lift Actuators

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