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High Quality Industrial Tools

For more than 50 years Enerpac products has delivered reliable solutions for nearly every industrial application.

Enerpac Hydraulic

Enerpac offers hundreds of different configurations of mechanical, hydraulic cylinders and lifting systems.

Bolting Torque Equipment

Enerpac Bolting Solutions for joint assembly, controlled tightening and joint separation using mechanical and hydraulic torque multipliers and wrenches.

Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac features an extensive line of strong, durable hydraulic presses designed to provide long-lasting, precise and safe application of effective force in your workshop.

Telescopic Hydraulic Gantries

Precision Lift and Position of Heavy Loads The Ultimate in Safety and Control

HCL-Series, Lock Nut Cylinders

Lock Nut, Single-Acting, Gravity-Return Cylinders Our high tonnage hydraulic cylinders are designed to provide superior durability and side-load protection.


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Repair Service

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New Cylinders

Enerpac provides the largest selection of cylinders and lifting systems.



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What's New

New Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

Enerpac introduces a new portfolio of hydraulic bolt tensioners for critical Power Generation fastening applications. Three new bolt tensioner series are designed for maximum durability in harsh environments, ease of use and improved speed of operation.

The PGT-Series Double Deck and Single-Stage Bolt Tensioners have a broad range and provide high performance in tight spaces typically found in wind and gas turbines.

The FTR-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners are designed specifically for tensioning wind tower foundations bolts. These bolt tensioners provide the speed and precision required by this critical application.

The FTE-Series Elliptical Foundation Bolt Tensioners provide an ideal fastening solution on wind tower foundation applications where limited space between the stud and wall prevent the use of standard tools.

HCL-Series, Lock Nut Cylinders

• Lock nut provides positive and safe mechanical load holding
• Low-friction locking rings spin easy, save time and effort
• Designed to withstand 10% side-load up to 90% of maximum stroke
• Hardened surface resists side-loading and cyclic wear
• Overflow port as stroke limiter to prevent plunger blow-out
• Weather protected, inside and out

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S and W Series X-Edition Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Enerpac is pleased to announce the introduction of a new generation of controlled bolting tools: The X-Edition S-Series Square Drive, and W-Series Low Profile hydraulic torque wrenches. The X-Edition tools incorporate all the simplicity, reliability and quality of the trusted S and W-Series tools, with some exciting new features designed to help increase operator safety, performance and ease of use.
S and W Series Compatibility
Although the X-Edition torque wrenches feature many innovations, X-Edition cassettes and drive units are compatible with Standard Edition drive units and cassettes. Some parts are unique to the new X-Edition tools. Customers should refer to the Enerpac technical brochure or web site to access the appropriate model numbers for the new X-Edition tools and related accessories. Enerpac will continue to provide service parts for existing tools.

Enerpac UK distributors and suppliers of Enerpac hydraulic equipment and accessories

Enerpac are the leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic equipment. The range includes Cylinders ranging from 1 Ton to 1000 Ton from stock, Enerpac Pumps from Manual Hand Pumps to Pneumatically and Electrically Driven Units, Enerpac Torque Wrenches and Tools from 3/4" Square Drive up to 2-1/2" Square Drive giving a maximum torque of 34,000 Nm. The Enerpac Presses range from 5 Ton Arbor and C-Clamp up to 200 Ton Roll Frame Presses, All Enerpac Jacks and Cylinders including the Lifting Systems and accessories can be tested and issued with certificates.

As Enerpac UK distributors Shaw Hydraulics Ltd are able to provide effective solutions for most industrial applications.

Repair parts sheets and operating instructions

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Enerpac have appointed Shaw Hydraulics Limited as UK distributors for the Supply, Hire and Repair of equipment including Cylinders, Pumps and hydraulic Industrial Tools. As Enerpac distributors we are able to offer world leading high pressure hydraulic equipment which includes: Cylinders, Hand Pumps, Presses, Valves, Jacks, System Components, Pullers, Bolting Torque Tools and Maintenance Tools.

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