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Mechanical & Hydraulic Speciality Tools

Enerpac offers the most complete line of mechanical and hydraulic Speciality Tools in the industry. Designed to efficiently and safely solve unique maintenance and production challenges such as bearing & wheel pulling, pipe bending, cutting, spreading and tensioning applications. Enerpac’s Speciality Tools are available in both hydraulic and mechanical configurations, and are also available as complete sets – the precise matching of tools, pumps and system components – to make your work easier and safer to perform.

MS Series Hydraulic Maintenance Sets

The Universal Hydraulic Tool Box

  • All sets include Enerpac pump, hose, cylinder and gauge
  • Lock-on or threaded connectors
  • Complete maintenance set for almost every maintenance application
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SP Series Lightweight Hydraulic Punch

  • 12,7 mm thick capacity through mild steel
  • Round, oblong and square punches and dies are available to solve your punching applications
  • Long life Enerpac single-acting, spring return design
  • Durable steel case keeps tools and dies together and provides for easy carrying and storage
  • CR-400 coupler included
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SP Series, 50 Ton Hydraulic Punch

  • Available as a complete set including electric pump and hoses
  • Double-acting cylinder design for fast cycle times
  • Punch and die changeover tools included
  • Lifting bracket included
  • Adjustable power stripper prevents movement of the metal during stripping
  • CR-400 female couplers included
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A,WR-Series Hydraulic Wedgie and Spread Cylinders

  • WR-5: For use in very confined work areas
  • WR-15: For long stroke spreading applications
  • Single-acting spring return
  • A-92: Spreader attachment; threads on RC-Series 10 ton cylinders (except RC-101)
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LW-Series Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedge

  • Hydraulic vertical lifting wedge has lifting of 16 tons at 700 bar hydraulic pressure
  • Requires very small access gap of only 10mm
  • Each step can spead under full load
  • Straight vertical lifting
  • Unique interlocking wedge design: no first step bending and risk of slipping out
  • Single-acting, spring return cylinder
  • Lifting wedge LW-16 includes safety block SB-2
  • Includes RC-Series Cylinder with CR-400 coupler
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SOH-Series Hydraulic Machine Lifts

  • Enerpac hydraulic machine lifts are designed for lifting heavy equipment with minimim available access
  • Remote hydraulic pump enhances safety
  • Low height lifting toe
  • Precision guided to reduce friction and isolate cylinder from side-loans
  • Two extendable support feet provide extra stability
  • Include RC-Series DUO Cylinder with CR-400 coupler
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ER-Series Heavy Duty Caterroller Load Skates

  • Rugged and sturdy construction for long life
  • Low profile construction for increased stability
  • Low rolling-resistance allows for easy transportation
  • Attachable load leveling plates and swivel turntables for turning corners
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CM-Series Industrial Storage Cases

  • Protect your equipment from dust, water, grease and dirt
  • Reduce losses on the jobsite, maintenance area or shop
  • Durable steel, painted with rust-resistant primer and finished in durable enamel
  • Heavy duty hinges and lifting handles
  • Lockable
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WHC,WHR,STC Series Hydraulic Cutterheads

  • Single-acting, spring return on all models (except WHR-1250)
  • Guillotine action for easy operation
  • Lifting handles on larger models for easy transport
  • Carrying bag included for easy carrying and tool protection
  • Ideal for use with most Enerpac pumps featuring 3-way valve or dump valve and 700 bar pressure rating (except WHR-1250 which requires 4-way valve)
  • CR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models
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WMC Series Self Contained Hydraulic Cutters

  • Rotating headers for operator convenience
  • Guillotine action for easy operation
  • Carrying bag included for easy carrying and tool protection
  • Velcro staps to secure handles on larger models for easy carry
  • Spring return for easy operation
  • Light weight self-contained tool can be used anywhere
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STB Series Pipe Bender Sets

  • Makes smooth wrinkle free bends
  • Sets include genuine Enerpac cylinder, hose and manual, air or electric pump
  • Sets are also available without hydraulics
  • Bending shoes and bending frame are lightweight, heat-treated aluminium
  • All sets include study steel storage case
  • All sets include BZ-12091 angle indicator for accurate bending
  • BZ-12377 Shoe Lock Pin included in every set
  • Eject-O-Matic benders (STM-202 models) have double-acting cylinder to eject pipe from the bending shoe
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ST-Series Tool Pump Sets

  • Optimum match of individual set components
  • Pre-selected combinations, ready for use
  • All sets include hydraulic tool, single acting, Two-speed hand or foot pump, Turbo II air or electric pump, HC-7206 high pressure hydraulic hose, GP-10S pressure gauge with GA-2 gauge adaptor
  • STP-set with 35 ton hydraulic punch
  • STP-set with hydraulic cutter head
  • STP-set with pipe bender

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