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Tangye Products

Hydraclaw, Hydramite and Hydralite Jacks


Powerful - 5 tonne capacity on head or toe
High lift - 178mm
Fast Operation - 5.5mm lift per stroke
Stable - substantial base offers stability under load
Versatile - horizontal or vertical operation
Safe - positive stop feature prevents over-stroking, pressure relief valve prevents overloading
Easy to Operate - lifting/lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever, acceptable lever effort
Low Clearance - 41mm
Reliable - jack hydraulics are totally enclosed
Robust Construction - can withstand rough treatment, ferrous construction has led to its extensive use underground

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Powerful - 6.5 tonne, 10 tonne, 15 tonne capacity
Proven - thousands in use all around the world
Well Engineered - servicing and repair easily undertaken
Safe - relief valve prevents overloading
Compact and Lightweight - ideal for portability
Versatile - operates in any orientation, totally enclosed, suitable for use in dusty conditions
Easy to Operate - lifting/lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever

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A range of lightweight jacks designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety.
Portable - Extensive user of high strength aluminium alloys has minimised jack weight for improved portability.
Reliable - All moving parts are totally enclosed and lubricated by the hydraulic oil. Seats are highly resistant to deterioration under widely varying climatic conditions. Their long working life make Hydralite jacks the choice of many rental operations.
Safe - A high pressure relief valve prevents lifting of loads in excess of the jack's capacity while locking overloads applied to the ram.
Overstroke Protection - Hydralite jacks are fitted with a fail-safe positive stop mechanism which prevents overstroking of the ram by venting oil to the reservoir when the stroke limit is reached.
Load Sustaining - Jack models incorporating a threaded ram and load retaining ring, model - SR, should be selected when loads are to be sustained for a significant time. No need to rely on hydraulic fluid pressure.
Quality Assurance - Every jack is serial numbered, fully tested and certified.
Wide range of capacities - From 20 tonnes to 100 tonnes with stroke options and claw and screwed ram features.

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