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With more than 50 years of experience, Enerpac has gained unique expertise in delivering hydraulic solutions for the controlled movement and positioning of structures. This expertise has been acknowledged by the world’s leading industrial professionals and has contributed to the successful movement of a number of the most recognisable structures on Earth: the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, the Millau Viaduct (the world’s highest bridge) and the 2008 Olympic stadium in Beijing (Bird’s Nest).

Enerpac combines hydraulics, steel fabrication and electronic control with engineering and application knowledge, to design and manufacture solutions that ensure your projects are completed safely and efficiently.


Lifting The London Eye

Location: London, England

Raising the “London Eye” on time to celebrate the new Millenium required an innovative mega crane. Powered by Enerpac HSL-Series strand jacks, the world’s tallest (135 meters) cantilevered observation wheel was successfully lifted, taking its position in the London skyline.

Products used: HSL-Series Strand Jacks
Year: 1999

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Replacing Rail Bridge Decks with a Hydraulic Gantry

Location: UK

Challenge: Timing is critical for rail construction projects to avoid unscheduled disruption to train and passenger services. However, the best project planning can be undermined by adverse weather conditions. High winds, greater than 12 mph, may prevent bridge deck lifting using a crane, leading to project delays.

Solution: A better bridge deck lifting alternative is Enerpac’s hydraulic gantry lifting system, as leading heavy lift company, Osprey Heavy Lift Ltd, has shown.

Products: Hydraulic Gantry
Year: 2017

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Transporting a 1,200 ton Hydraulic Press to the Second Floor with a Hydraulic Gantry

Location: Derbyshire, UK

SL400 hydraulic gantry was utilized to lift and lower the crown and base of the existing press onto load skates. Once onto load skates the crown and base were rolled to the end of the mezzanine. Weighing less than 30 tons, both pieces were lowered to the ground level with a 15 ton overhead crane and heavy-duty forklift.The SL400 hydraulic gantry was used to off load and transport the new press horizontally through the bay doors. Once inside, the press was lifted to a vertical position. With two gantry units on the ground floor and two units on the second floor, the press was lifted to the second floor and tilted back to a horizontal position.

Products: SL400 hydraulic gantry
Year: 2015

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Power Generation

Installing a Turbine and Generator with a Jack-Up System

Location: Hull, United Kingdom

Leading heavy lift and specialist transportation company, Collett & Sons Ltd, have completed their first project utilising an Enerpac JS-250 Jack-Up system, installing a 100 Tonne Siemens steam turbine SST-600 and 60 Tonne generator at a new incinerator plant in Hull, UK. Working within tight space restrictions, the four tower Jack-Up system lifted the power generation plant equipment to a height of 4.5m, allowing it to be easily skidded into position.

Product: JS-250 Jack Up System
Year: 2017

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Ship Building

Weighing and Manipulation System for Ship’s Hull Sections

Location: Glasgow/Portsmouth UK

Six Daring Class Type 45 anti-air warfare destroyers are being assembled, launched and outfitted for the UK Royal Navy at BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions’ Govan & Scotstoun shipyards in Glasgow. The bow sections, masts and funnels for all six ships are being built in Portsmouth. These destroyers will have an overall length of 152.4m, space for a crew of 235, a displacement of 7350 tons, a top speed greater than 27 knots and its range greater than 7000 nautical miles. The first one is HMS Daring and is to enter service in May 2009.
The ship’s hull is manufactured in sections or “blocks” in a fabrication shop adjacent to the berth and slipway. Five blocks are moved in total to build one ship of which the heaviest block weighs over 1400 tons.

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