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New Products

New Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

Enerpac introduces a new portfolio of hydraulic bolt tensioners for critical Power Generation fastening applications. Three new bolt tensioner series are designed for maximum durability in harsh environments, ease of use and improved speed of operation.

The PGT-Series Double Deck and Single-Stage Bolt Tensioners have a broad range and provide high performance in tight spaces typically found in wind and gas turbines. Key features including auto-retract pistons, over-stroke protection and auto-engage nut rundown help make the PGT-Series Bolt tensioners fast, durable and easy to use.
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The FTR-Series Foundation Bolt Tensioners are designed specifically for tensioning wind tower foundations bolts. These bolt tensioners provide the speed and precision required by this critical application. Long stroke models provide greater speed and ease of use by enabling applications to be completed in a single pull.
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The FTE-Series Elliptical Foundation Bolt Tensioners provide an ideal fastening solution on wind tower foundation applications where limited space between the stud and wall prevent the use of standard tools. They feature an elliptical geometry, which enables fit in narrow access foundation applications without reducing load capabilities. FTE-Series Bolt Tensioners make the perfect “universal solution” that will work on nearly any foundation application, whether standard or narrow access.
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New Venturi Valves – Assisted Return for Single Acting Cylinders

Venturi valves improve the reaction speed of single-acting, spring and load return cylinders by up to three times. Venturi valves create a vacuum-like effect in a pump system; drawing the oil from the cylinder back to the pump’s reservoir at a much faster rate which increases the retraction speed of the plunger by up to three times. Venturi valves are available in both manual and electric configurations.

Recommended for High Tonnage Cylinders

Venturi valves are an excellent choice for improving the efficiency of high tonnage cylinders. The retraction speed for spring return models can be slower than desired. Once the load is removed from a load return cylinder, the plunger will not fully retract without additional equipment to force the plunger back into the base of the cylinder.
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New Remote Hose Disconnector for Greener Offshore Wind Installation

Our new Remote Hose Disconnector is designed to eliminate the release of hydraulic cylinder fluid into the sea during transition piece installation on offshore wind farms. The environmentally friendly development also allows full recovery of all connected equipment for reuse.

Hydraulic cylinders are a key tool in the installation of the transition piece on the monopile. Up to six fixation cylinders are used to hold the transition piece in position during grouting. They have to remain pressurized, via a hydraulic manifold, during the grouting and the subsequent curing time, which can take several days. At the end of this period, the cylinders and hoses need to be recovered.

New Low Height Skidding System

Our new Low-Height Skidding System is a modular system that can jack and slide heavy loads over a pre-constructed track.

The Low-Height Skidding System is comprised of a series of skid beams moved by hydraulic push-pull units, travelling over a pre-constructed track. A series of special PTFE-coated pads are placed on the skid tracks to reduce friction. The push-pull units are powered by a standard Enerpac Split Flow Pump to ensure each skid beam travels synchronously.

In addition to its low height, this system offers a 2-in-1 design. It can be used either on a fully supported surface or combined with the optional track support for added rigidity when the support surface is not fully supported or when spanning a gap is necessary. This two-part design means you do not need to own two sets of track for various ground support conditions. Features:

  • 2-in-1 track design for added support
  • Intuitive pump controls
  • Easily reversible to change skidding direction
  • Portable design for quick setup
  • 400 ton skidding capacity with two push-pull units
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New Multi-stage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac introduces a new series of Multi-stage, Telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Nitrocarburized surface treatment inside and out provides unparalleled sideload resistance and corrosion protection for safe use in the harshest conditions. The longer stroke length of Telescopic cylinders will save you time and simplify projects by moving a load a greater distance and eliminating the use of temporary cribbing.
Capacity: 14 – 31 tons
Stroke: 270 - 600 mm

Key Features:

  •     Nitrocarburized surface treatment inside and out provides corrosion protection
  •     3% side-load of full capacity
  •     Double or triple wear bearings support lifting stages
  •     Titling saddles with 5 degrees of maximum tilt come standard on all models
  •     Design Safety factor on all models complies with ASME B30.1 & EN1494
  •     Lifting eyes for safe handling and positioning
  •     CR400 coupler for compatibility with standard product
  •     Steel cylinder base for maximum strength
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New High Tonnage Cylinders

Our new High Tonnage Cylinders are designed to provide superior durability and side-load (eccentric load) protection. A wide range of new features will help maintain stability, increase wear resistance and corrosion protection and provide longer service life.
Key Features:

  • Nitrocarburization surface treatment improves wear resistance and corrosion protection
  • New bearing material and added bearing surface increase side-load protection
  • Composite bearings surround the seal providing support for eccentric loads
  • Low wear, high pressure seals provide longer service life

The new range of high tonnage cylinders includes four new series:

  • HCG-Series Single-Acting, Gravity Return 50-1,000 ton capacity
  • HCR-Series Double-Acting, Hydraulic Return 50-1,000 ton capacity
  • HCL-Series Lock Nut Single-Acting, Gravity Return 50-1,000 ton capacity
  • LPL-Series Low Profile, Lock Nut Single-Acting, Gravity Return 60-500 ton capacity
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